Top 5 Latina Hairstyles For 2016

By April 19, 2016Hairstyles
Latina Hairstyles

So, señoras, why not take your cue from the stars and their gorgeous latina hairstyles to renew yourself this year? From ever classic to shorter yet feminine, curly to effortlessly (so it appears) natural looking, 2016 Latina hairstyles provide plenty of inspiration. Get Latina hair tips, beauty and advice about Latina hairstyles.

Latina Hairstyle #1 – Smooth

Opting for sleek and neatly parted in the middle or to the side, will get your hair out of your face and showcase your facial features and your eyes. You can then put your hair up in a knot for a classic, more formal look. But you can also tie it in a ponytail or even a braid for a romantic look.

Latina Hairstyle #2 – Bob

Mid length bob is decidedly in. The beauty of this Latina hairstyle is that it is quite more versatile than we might think. First off you can have bangs, or not. Then depending on your mood, your time, your activity, you can style it either straight or curly.

Latina Hairstyle #3 – Wavy

Soft waves are the essence of natural Latina hair look. If your hair is naturally curly, you are in luck, especially this year. But if it isn’t, your hair stylist can remedy this for you. Or you can use hair spray and scrunch your hair yourself in order to achieve this look.

Latina Hairstyle #4 – Classy

Vintage (50s inspired) also called retro look hairstyle is making a comeback this year, or has it actually ever left? The term of vintage reminds us automatically of times of refinement and elegance. To achieve a retro Latina hairstyle, each lock of hair is very disciplined, none is out of place; because we are using the modern version, you can artistically choose to let a couple of them lose.

Latina Hairstyle #5 – Curly

Big curls and volume, what’s not to like? You don’t absolutely have to have long hair for this style but it often is what women with long hair go for. You can also add extensions to get this look. And if the big curls don’t come naturally to you, fix this issue with hairspray.
Depending on the length of your hair you don’t have to stick with only one latina hairstyle, you can adopt several of them, depending on your mood or the occasion. No matter which Latina inspired hairstyle you are choosing, don’t forget that hair products are your friends, just ask your hairstylist what she recommends for your hair type, your haircut and and the look you want to achieve.

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