Time For a Change? New Hair Color Techniques

By May 12, 2016Hairstyles
Hair Color Techniques

When your hair needs a boost beyond a different style, new hair color techniques will take you a cut above. Regardless of age, gender, and bravery, there is a color and technique for everyone. From subtle to extreme, neutral shade to bright hue, you can color yourself new.

Artistic New Hair Color Techniques

If Picasso were a hair colorist, he would have loved these new hair color techniques based on Balayage, a French word that means “to paint”. In Balayage, color is painted onto the hair with sweeping freehand strokes. Rather than the uniform, streaked look of traditional highlighting foils and caps, Balayage bestows a nature-inspired, sun-kissed aura. With a skilled, experienced colorist, this look eliminates regrowth lines and allows up to four months between applications.

Hair Color TechniquesFlamboyage, a variation of Balayage, uses clear adhesive strips to grab random sections of hair that are then painted with color. The spontaneous glow resulting from this procedure gives hair polished dimension as it grows out. In Flamboyage, the ends of the hair tend to be lighter than the rest.

Foilyage also resembles Balayage as a freehand paint-on color, but throws foils back into the mix to intensify the result. After hair is painted, it is wrapped in foils for saturated color. This method works well for people with dark brown or black hair who want significant highlights.

Ecaille is another French word, meaning tortoise shell. In new hair color techniques, it refers to blending various shades of brunette and blonde. Like Balayage, the practice of Ecaille paints color on hair in broad, luminous strokes. Ecaille adds interest and emphasizes natural hair movement.

Abstract New Hair Color Techniques

In stark contrast to the natural aspirations of Balayage-inspired formulas, other new hair color techniques laugh in the face of convention. Soft fade or abrupt change, these strategies aim for intensity.

Hair Color Techniques

Color Melting is one of the new hair color techniques in which several shades of color create a melted effect. This erases obvious edges and dissolves dip-dye lines that would otherwise occur. Especially effective for pastels and bright colors such as pink, blue, green and purple, this process also works with a cascade of natural hair colors.

Ombre gives a severe look to hair, starting with dark roots and ending in lightness. The opposite of color melting, Ombre proudly proclaims the dip-dye look, as though the ends of hair were dropped into contrasting dye. This method can work for most hair lengths and colors, including already-colored hair.

Whether you’ve had the same look for several years or several months, new hair color techniques can produce the metamorphosis you’re looking for. Emerge from your cocoon, seek out your colorist, and color your world. Let us know below: which new hair color techniques are you most excited about trying?

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