The Top 5 Women Hairstyle Trends for 2016

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The new year brings new resolutions, new fashion collections and new hairstyle trends for women. To match the desire to return to our true selves, color will display soft painted hair with natural tones. As for the haircuts, it seems the mode will be dominated by 5 styles both timeless and fashionable, from haircuts that fit our everyday life to statement styling.

Hairstyle trend #1: embrace texture

The main concern many women express when it comes to their hairstyle is it looks flat and lacks the “wow” factor. To look good all day, every day, women hairstyle trends this year focus on texture. Adopt a cut that plays well with shorter length like a layered bob, loose waves and bangs. Play with a hairstyle that softly frames the face and bangs that reach the eyes without veiling them.

Hairstyle trend #2: get it straight

If waves and layers are not your thing, this year’s straight and smooth hairstyle trend is for you. Keep the forehead free and contour the jawline with a slight angle to give it a classic elegance (or go for precise geometry like Anna Wintour does year in, year out). When your mood changes, you can tuck the strands behind your ears and get a slick look. Straight is perfect for easy maintenance and can easily be vamped up with accessories for a night out.

Hairstyle trend #3: keep it short

Naturally, we are not all blessed with long, luscious hair. Or maybe we don’t want to. Short and cropped may fit our lifestyle or personal taste better. The pixie cut (and pixie cute) hairstyle trend is still popular, but 2016 shows more structure: swept to the side with a low parting and neatly trimmed neck. The short bob is also en vogue, layered with small strands brushing around the forehead and cheeks without looking boyish.

Hairstyle trend #4: wave and smile

The fashion spring shows displayed a new wave, literally. We can draw inspiration from the hairstyle trends of Stella McCartney or Isabel Marant. Natural looks, wavy strands (not curled) and a minimum of artifice so you can truly be yourself. The long bob cut that was popular in 2015 grows out, on its way to longer hair.
There is something decidedly romantic and fresh in simplicity.

Hairstyle trend #5: tie, twist and turn

Should the occasion command a more elaborate, sophisticated look, go for a pony tail, tied high up on the head to reveal your beautiful features. 2016 hairstyle trends don’t shy from twisted buns at nape-level, without the strictness of centuries past. One can have a hair out of place without being unkempt.

The top 2016 women hairstyle trends give us plenty to work with and why not try a couple to have fun? But as any trend goes, hairstyle is about feeling good. We may like a cut that doesn’t flatter our features or doesn’t work well with our hair. Our hairstylist is always our best ally and most trusted advisor when it comes to our look.

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