The Top 5 Men Hairstyle Trends for 2016

By April 19, 2016Hairstyles, Trends
Top 5 Men Hairstyle Trends for 2016

If what we’ve seen on the runways is any indication, men hairstyle trends in 2016 are leaning towards effortless with a dash of revisited vintage. The looks also bust the myth that men don’t care about their haircut and just want it done in a minute, and prove that eccentricity is not necessary to make a statement.

Hairstyle trend #1: homage to Caesar

With or without the laurel wreath, the Caesar cut is a hot hairstyle trend this year. The buzz cut has been redefined, slightly shorter than the emperor liked. Trimmed on the sides with enough length on top for easy styling in spikes (but not so long that it looks untidy or needs too much gel). The Caesar style is perfect to look groomed and fashionable.

men hairstyle trends

Hairstyle trend #2: Pompadour come-back

We are staying among royals and nobility with this hairstyle trend. It has fortunately been revisited since the 18th century, or even since Elvis’ days. The hair are longer on top of the head to be casually swept sideways with a precise parting, the sides kept very short. It’s an easy hairstyle to add texture to with a dab of pomade.

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Hairstyle trend #3: fifties mad men

The men hairstyle trends of 2016 don’t reinvent the wheel and decidedly revisit history and styles that worked. Don Draper taught us well with the slick and shiny back-swept style. It gains texture from the use of gel and you can make it less severe by combing through with your fingers.

men hairstyle trends

Hairstyle trend #4: fringes with an attitude

Straight or naturally curly this hairstyle makes us think ‘forever young boy’. This haircut is interesting in its versatility: blow dry for a natural look, or apply mousse or pomade for dimension and more control. Either way, fringes are not reserved to teens or prep-boys anymore.

men hairstyle trends

Hairstyle trend #5: short, simple, timeless

Curls you can’t control? Hair too long that get in the way? Need for easy maintenance but want options? The hairstyle trend in 2016 gives the best of all worlds with classic short hair (not the buzz) keeping a bit of volume so you can leave as is or tussle and style. The fade is gaining momentum, slightly evolving from the traditional short by leaving the hair longer on top and styles anywhere from low fade to high and taper.

men hairstyle trends

The top men hairstyle trends in 2016 are modernized versions of classic, historic and iconic styles of the past. There is something for every man and can be easily adapted to lifestyle and professional exigencies. Who said one cannot sport a trendy haircut without adding neon color to it? You can work with your stylist to bring the best of the trends without losing your identity.

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