Spring Summer 2016 Hair Color Trends

By April 19, 2016Trends
Hair Color Trends

This year, none of the hair color trends are what you would call boring. There is such a wide array of shades and new techniques available that you can pretty much create your own and stand out. The basic groups of hair color, as beautiful and natural as they may be, are receiving a major boost.

Hair color trends 2016 for blondes

Blonde hair is no longer about cold uniform color. Warm it up with a buttery tone, go for multifaceted platinum that looks different depending on lighting.

And ask your hairstylist to apply a darker color on the roots for extra dimension (and less maintenance)

You can also take advantage of the pastel frenzy, pinks, purples or blues to softly add a stylish hue.

Hair color trends 2016 for brunettes

It was a difficult task to pick and choose just a few because the level of creativity is pretty high this year.

Another hot hair color trend this spring-summer is the warmth of wood tones from cocoa to dark chocolate, to your naturally dark hair. Balayage is making a comeback. Widely used in the 60s and 70s it fell into oblivion but is now coming back full force. It’s an easy highlight with little maintenance, it’s bound to come back with a vengeance.

Color melting is a technique that creates a multidimensional effect by blending several different tones for a warm shimmering look.

Ecaille blend (or tortoiseshell) is hot hair color trend, mix of shades and colors combined together throughout your hair in order to create movement and volume.

Hair color trend 2016 for redheads

If you thought you had seen all the possible shades of red, think again.
“Really ronze” (rich mix of bronze, copper and brown) is a shimmery color trend that will light up your complexion and spice up your hair.
Cuivre red ( French for copper) reminds us of henna and will give your hair an intense look.

We couldn’t possibly list all those we like. The select few offer a panoramic view of what hair color trends are this spring and through summer. The beauty of any of them is they look wonderful, no matter the hair style and length.

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