What does an ombré hair color specialist know that we don’t?

By June 16, 2016Hairstyles
ombré hair color

You want to do something about your hair and are wondering if an ombré hair color specialist is what you need. After all, the same old same old uniform hair color that looks like it’s coming out of a drugstore-bought box is so last century. Don’t get me wrong, many women are still happy with it and are looking beautiful but today, there are so many new techniques that the possibilities are endless. One of those possibilities is ombré!

What is ombré hair color

“Ombré” is a French word that translates into “shaded” due to the fact that the hair is darker at the root and progressively gets lighter towards the tips.

Ombré hair color has been around for a few years already but is still very popular. When well executed, it will showcase your face, make you look younger all the while looking natural.

What to ask an ombré hair color specialist

  • Hair look lighter at the end.
  • Dramatic ombré : darken the roots first.
  • Natural ombré look: keep your roots, ask for a balayage around the face and on the ends.
  • Avoid too high a contrast which looks unnatural and bears the risk that the tips can get so dry that they split and break.

How you will know which is right for you may be tricky, especially if you’ve never explored that technique before. A hairstylist familiar with that style will help you make the decision and recommend what flatters your natural features.

Available shades of ombré hair color

Brunettes use ombré hair color the most for easy maintenance but if you hair is from dark blonde to light brown or even black, there is a shade for you. The most popular is brown ombré. With all the new shades available you can achieve your look without going overboard.

Today the Red ombré is trending with brown tones melting into a variety of cherry to raspberry reds. This is vibrant and not for the faint of heart.

The technique has improved greatly and a real ombré hair color specialist will tell you that today, to be beautiful and look natural, you should avoid high-contrasting ombré and use the new technique of soft dimensional ombré (softer color tones such as cinnamon, toffee and caramel). When it comes to maintenance though, if you want to keep the look fresh and natural, you have to go back to your ombré hair color specialist about every 2 to 3 months but you can leave your roots alone if they have been untouched. Do not try this at home; this is not easy to achieve.

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