How To Protect Hair From Sun Damage

By April 19, 2016Hairstyles
How To Protect Hair From Sun Damage

Sunny California, sea, sun and warm weather all year round, means we need to protect hair from sun damage. The Pacific Ocean, the sand, the sun and the wind give a feeling of freedom and energy. But the truth is Southern California, like many Coastal regions, offer a lifestyle that is hard on your skin and on your hair. Prolonged exposition to the sun damages the cuticle, and follicle removing the natural protective oils from each strand of hair. Whether you go to the beach or the swimming pool, the summer-like activities are detrimental to healthy hair.

How does sun and elements damage hair?

You need to protect hair even more if it’s already fine, dry, colored or frizzy.
Left unprotected, your hair will show some discoloration, become brittle and ends will split. It feels like it looks, dry and hay-like and is hard to work with.

The best way to protect hair from sun damage is to wear hats and stay under the beach umbrella. But all lifestyles do not let us do that.

Can you both protect hair from sun damage and repair the damages?

You can do both by taking a few precautions but mainly using the right hair products. To protect hair preventively consists of staying out of the sun, salt and chlorine as much as possible, rinsing your hair thoroughly after your day at the pool or the beach. But also using the right shampoos, conditioners and products such as argan oil and others.

If it so happens that your hair is too damaged to recover from topical treatment, see your hairstylist, choose a nice short hair cut and watch it grow back. While it’s growing back, you are not going to make the same mistake as before: you are going to prevent your hair from being aggressed by the elements.

You live in sunny California to enjoy the weather and the outdoor activities in the sun and you are not going to stay indoors. You are not going to stop coloring your hair, having beautiful highlights and a different hairdo for each occasion. So the best way to protect hair from sun damage, besides wearing hats, is asking your hairstylist what the best hair products are, based on your hair type, color and lifestyle.

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