How to get Perfect Natural Curls ?

By April 21, 2016Hairstyles
Natural Curls
If you love to curl your hair, you love it even more when you get perfect natural curls! You can get your hair curled for a special occasion, or simply because you feel like a change today, it really does not matter as long as you love what you did and how it looks!

The risks of getting curly hair

Getting perfect natural curls is challenging, every woman who tried knows it. If you have naturally curled hair, maintaining nice and shiny curls, frizz-free, can be time consuming and can become expensive over time.

However, if you have straight hair and you are just trying to curl your hair for a night out or because it feels like a curly kind of day, you know this will not be easy either. If the wrong curl iron is used or simply badly used, it could seriously damage your hair.

If your objective is to look more natural, forget the tools and go for the scrunch method. You are less likely to miss the mark, and you won’t fry your hair (or burn your cheek).

How to get perfect natural curls in 10 steps

1. Start with a great haircut

This might not make sense to you, but it is actually very important. Having the right haircut is the foundation of everything for perfect natural curls. If you can, try to get layers, it will make it a lot easier and it will look a lot more natural!

2. Use the right shampoo and conditioner

This can actually be complicated because if it is too light, your hair will be frizzy, however if it is too heavy, your curls will limp.

3. Dry it properly

Do not use your regular bath towel to quickly dry your hair; if you want to get perfect natural curls, your hair needs to dry while still wet. It can sound kind of weird but a bath towel will roughs up cuticles and it is terrible for curls.

4. Gently comb

For this, use a wide-tooth comb; it will give you thick/clumped-together strands of hair that will dry together, which will decrease the chance of frizz.

5. Add the right product for your hair

At this point your hair should still be rather wet (but not dripping), and should be combed out (in thicker strands). The product you will use will depend on your hair type; keep in mind, the goal is to give some moisture to your hair without weighing it down. A spray is usually easier to apply than gel, but if you are a gel person, it is fine, just apply carefully.

6. Lightly scrunch

After adding your product, let your hair sit for a little bit (about 5 minutes) and scrunch, one for each area of hair should be enough.

7. Separate hair from the top of your head

This is a little bit delicate; it will allow you to “de-stick” your hair, which will allow you to curl the first few inches with no issues. Also, at this point, if you see your ends getting dry and a bit frizzy, scrunch in some water.

8. Do not touch your hair

Now that you have added the product, scrunched and separated your hair, let it naturally dry.

9. Finish off the style

After your hair is totally dry, it may need a little spray or pomade.

10. Enjoy your awesome curls

This is the most important step! You now have beautiful and healthy perfect natural curls! You are ready to go!

Having beautiful hair is hard and having beautiful curls is even harder. As mentioned earlier, be careful with the products and irons (if you have one) that you use. You do not want to create long, lasting damages to your hair. It is better to go a little slower and keep healthy, natural hair. Perfect natural curls look wonderful but yes, it does take time!

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