How to get your hair ready faster every morning?

hair ready faster

How is it possible to get your hair ready faster in the morning? We, women, are already stretched thin; getting up even earlier to do our hair may be something we look forward to on occasion, but not every day. Have no fear, there are many ways to get your hair ready faster and save a few minutes to enjoy your cup of coffee.

Get your hair ready faster

A few simple steps that quickly become habits save you precious minutes without compromising the way you look.
If you wash your hair in the evening:

  • For straight long hair, put on a smoothing lotion at night, then in the morning, all you have to do is comb
  • Put your hair in a braid with mousse for way hair. You can do one to 6 braids depending on if you want your waves to be medium, tight or loose. In the morning, heat up your braids then unravel each one and work them with hairspray

If you wash your hair in the morning

  • Apply 2-1 shampoo and conditioner, wrap your hair in high absorbing microfiber towel to cut hair drying time

In between shampoos

  • Put rollers on at night, this method has proven right and practical for the longest time.
  • Either your hair is naturally curly or you did a perm; all you have to do in the morning is apply your favorite styling product (or water to revive the curl) and scrunch it. Or use shine spray in order to boost it if it’s getting dull.
  • Apply a multitasking styling product instead of several different ones. New products are available and are real time savers.
  • Bend over with your head down, spray your texturizing spray and voila! here is your instant second-day hair.

Other tips and tricks to get your hair ready faster

  • Why many women keep their hair long, at least mid length? Because there is no such thing as a bad hair day if you can put your hair in a bun. There are so many types of buns that you can adapt one each day with your clothes or activities.
  • Keep your hair short, a bob makes it easy.

Besides a bob, if you like the boyish look, you will always have to do something with your hair in the morning, unless the second-day hair is your style, of course. In all other cases, getting your hair ready faster will always be an ordeal, unless you have the right products, the right professional grade tools and most importantly, the perfect haircut. If you can find a hairstylist who can give you the haircut appropriate to your facial features and hair texture, one who has the perfect hair products, you can be out the door in no time, looking like a millions bucks, each and every day.

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