How to Choose the Right Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

By May 19, 2016Hair Color
Right Hair Color

It seems to be easy enough to choose right hair color for your skin tone, but it really isn’t. In fact many women do it all wrong. Why? Because even in this day and age, it is not easy to think outside the box, get off the beaten path and dare. As usual, Hollywood is going to be our inspiration. If it is true that you can experiment, especially if you are young, finding the one that’s best for you will make you happy, feel good and look good.

What is the right hair color for your skin tone ?

The right hair color for you is the one that compliments your skin tone. One can argue that your natural hair color is, de facto, the one for you. Right? Wrong. Of course, your natural hair color is meant to work best for your skin color and your skin type. But in the world of aesthetics, this is not necessarily the rule of thumb.

How do you choose the right hair color for your skin tone ?

Professional hairstylists and colorists will tell you that much: there are ways to determine your skin tone and there are tricks and tips:

  • Cool-toned skin, cool-toned hair color
  • Warm-toned skin, warm hair color

To know which tone is yours, try this:

  • If you look good in yellow or red, you are in the warm tones.
  • If you look good in white, green, blue, you are in the cool tones.

The point in all this is simply to look your best; the right hair color for your skin tone will enhance your natural beauty without showcasing any skin flaws you may have.

It is possible to choose the right hair color for your skintone by doing an online quiz for instance. You can also check the box if you choose to color your hair yourself; they will tell you how much darker or lighter you can go according to your hair color.

But to me, it seems that the best way to achieve the perfectly right hair color for your skin tone will always be to go and seek advice from a professional. It saves you from mishaps and frustration, and with that perfect hair color, you also enjoy the perfect cut.

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